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Frequently asked questions

As long as your vehicle is in a road worthy condition and it is homologated (permitted) to tow, then there should be no reason that your vehicle can't have a towbar fitted.

On every vehicle, there should be a VIN plate which has the vehicle's axle weights maximum allowed mass (MAM) and sometimes other information like engine numbers and paint codes. These plates or anti-theft stickers are required to be fitted to a structural part of the vehicle's body which can't' be removed or opened. Depending on the car, they are usually located on the vehicles door shuts in the boot or under the bonnet.

Corrosion on a vehicle can cause a weakness in the vehicle's structure. If this is the case, it may affect the the overall strength of the towbar fixing points, and for this reason, we won't be able to fit you a towbar due to safety concerns.

If a towbar is fitted to a vehicle, it must be in working order for it to pass the MOT. If your towbar is not working, Leicester Towbars can get it repaired for you.

Having a towbar fitted is usually a bigger job than expected. Most likely the boot's interior will have to be removed to access the vehicle's wiring and the bumper removed to allow fitment of the towbar's substructure.

Here at Leicester Towbars, we are used to getting wet and cold whilst fitting a towbar, so we will make every effort to get your towbar fitted on your preferred fitment date. Unfortunately on the rare occasion the weather is deemed to be unsafe to work in, we will have to re-arrange your appointment for another date.

When ordering a towbar for your vehicle, Leicester Towbars will always try and locate the best towbar for your vehicle. We always aim to find the towbar with the smallest bumper cut or no cut at all. There is the odd occasion when a visible bumper cut is required, but we will make every effort to discuss this with you before the fitment date.

Here at Leicester Towbars, we have invested heavily in the most up to date coding and diagnostic equipment. When fitting a vehicle specific wiring loom, we will update the vehicles software as required. On some rare occasions, we may not be able to code certain vehicles due to software differences or manufacturer security coding, in this case, the main dealer may have to do this for you.

If your vehicle is still covered under the manufacturer's warranty it is advisable to have vehicle specific wiring fitted because it uses and connects the same way as the manufacturers wiring looms, so it won't affect the warranty on your vehicle. Some main dealers may insist that unless you have their towbar fitted, the warranty is voided. Unfortunately for them this is not the case.

Here at Leicester Towbars, we are fully aware that the automotive industry is adapting rapidly, and so are we. Leicester Towbars can fit to electric and hybrid cars.

Leicestertowbars is a trading name of First 4 Towbars Ltd, the Leicestershire arm of the business. First 4 Towbars acquired Leicester Towbars in April 2024, and the company has been kept due to its reputation and good standing in the Leicestershire area.


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